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Revolutionize your training with any of our services.

HIIT Classes

Have fun and burn calories while joining our unique group classes. Whether you are interested in becoming stronger, fitter, leaner or a better athlete, our coaches will customize a program that suits you the most.

Spin Classes

Our fun and engaging spinning classes provide a perfect combination of cardio, conditioning, tone and fat burning. Sweat and get shredded while enjoying the best music, one beat at a time.

Personal Training

Our coaches are experts in helping you achieve your peak physique and fitness through a unique and customized program made just for you.

Group Personal Training

Friends who train together stay together. Let our trainers deliver results while you have fun alongside your friends.

Pregnancy Training

Train with one of Cubic’s certified experts in providing gentle and safe training for pregnant or postpartum women.

Sports Performance Training

Improve your strength, explosive power and stamina while measuring your sport-specific performance with a trainer.

Corporate Training

Boost your team's productivity with our unique corporate packages. Our specially designed services enhance teamwork, morale, and happiness for healthy and happy employees.

Group HIIT & Spin Class Packages

All class credits can be used for both HIIT & spin!

Join The Cubic Fam & Get These Perks:

We'll show you what you're made of with free 3D body image composition scans

We're so chill, so cancellation time is only 60 mins before class starts

Personalised attention with 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Let's party monthly with member social, HIIT and Spin events

Book anytime, anywhere with last minute booking

We love loyalty, so expect some sweet rewards

First in line with waitlist booking access

10 classes
Use within 2 months
30 classes
Use within 3 months
90 classes
Use within 6 months
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Personal Training Packages

Train with our highly qualified trainers or veteran elite trainers using the latest sports science back programing, equipment & technology to achieve your goals.

Personal Training
Are you tired of the same old routine that's getting you nowhere? Let our expert trainers guide you towards the body and mindset you've always wanted.
10 sessions
Use within 2 months
20 sessions
Use within 4 months
30 sessions
Use within 6 months
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Elite Personal Training
Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Our elite personal trainers are here to push your limits and unlock your full potential. (Anita & Zak)
10 sessions
Use within 3 month
20 sessions
Use within 5 months
30 sessions
Use within 7 months
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