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Evolve your limits with Cubic

Co-founder, CEO

I started Cubic with my friends in 2019 with the dream of seeing us offer the best fitness offering that would help change peoples lives, much like how fitness changed mine.

Co-founder, Head of P.T.

Hello! I'm Coach Nil. I believe hard work gives the best results, that's why I like to help and guide my clients all the way until they reach their goals.

Head of HIIT, Elite P.T.

I specialize in 1-on-1 coaching with a specific focus on fat burning, body shaping and improving health and well-being. I love doing functional workouts and getting creative so you are never bored.

Head of Marketing, P.T., HIIT, Spin

I started this career with a passion for helping people, especially girls struggling with fat loss, because I know how you feel. I’m here to help you meet your goals!

Elite P.T., HIIT

Hello! I specialize in female clients (fat loss, building a nicely shaped body) and in improving performance as well as general wellbeing!


I have been a full-time fashion model for many years which also inspired me to learn how to take care of my body and health!


I'm an exercise and nutrition specialist with a degree in Health Science from Australia. I enjoy training people who have been off track for a while, such as busy office workers, people starting their fitness journey!


Hello! I believe that with knowledge, skill, consistency and a pinch of support, you will be successful in your fat loss and wellness journey

P.T., HIIT, Spin

I chose this career path because I love challenges and want to help you overcome yours. I'm a very upbeat person and super interested in the DJ world, so if you like good music, come to see me!

HIIT, Spin

I come with full energy and passion to teach you spinning! Workouts with rhythm and music are my true love. I like to do what I do so I can help you improve your health and release stress!


I’ve been teaching rhythm cycling both abroad and in Thailand since 2017. My classes are all about freedom of movement, pace and gritty beats - with the sole purpose of helping you free your mind from self-imposed limitations.


With 6 years of experience as a high-energy Indoor Cycling Instructor, I bring fun and engagement to all my classes. My passion & the rhythm of the music are my signature parts of any of my classes.


I'm Coach Fah. I enjoy spreading the love through rhythm cycling, at the same time building your strength and making you healthy.


I'm a Spin instructor, certified P.T. and LesMills Instructor. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade, and I am passionate about all kinds of exercises!


Hello! I have been spinning for many years and I can certainly say this is my passion. If you enjoy Pop and Hip Hop upbeat songs, you should come see me when I ride!

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