Transform your body and mind with personalized fitness programs delivered in a social community environment.

This is Cubic

Unlock your fitness potential with Cubic, Bangkok's best boutique gym conveniently located in the central business district. Our state-of-the-art equipment, personal training programs, and high-energy group classes are tailored to your needs. Our six-core approach, combining strength, endurance, agility, physique, nutrition, and therapy, will help you become the best version of yourself. Join our passionate and qualified instructors in our highly energizing team environment, and transform your body with the latest technology and sports science. Experience the thrill of a customized workout today!


Each offering is led by one of our qualified trainers to deliver unrivaled personalised experiences and results. Always.

HIIT Classes

Have fun and burn calories while joining our unique group classes. Whether you are interested in becoming stronger, fitter, leaner or a better athlete, our coaches will customize a program that suits you the most.

Spin Classes

Our fun and engaging spin classes provide a perfect combination of cardio, conditioning, tone and fat burning. Sweat and get shredded while enjoying the best music, one beat at a time.

Personal Training

Our coaches are experts in helping you achieve your peak physique and fitness through a unique and customized program made just for you.

Group Personal Training

Friends who train together stay together. Let our trainers deliver results while you have fun alongside your friends.

Sports Performance

Enhance your sports performance with one on one private sessions with our personal trainers and carefully designed programs. Improve your strength, explosive power and stamina while measuring your sport-specific performance.


Have a full nutritional plan for the entire month created specifically for you by our nutritionist and receive weekly check-ins and unlimited guidance.

Physical Therapy & Pregnancy Training

Our licensed physiotherapists are able to prepare a specific training program to heal your injuries. They are also experts in providing gentle and safe training for pregnant or post-pregnant women.

Corporate Training

Healthy and happy employees deliver the best productivity and with our corporate packages, we can help you achieve just that. Improve teamwork, moral, and productivity through our unique corporate services.


Our personal trainers and instructors have years of expertise and will help you choose the perfect workout for your ability and goals.

Co-founder, CEO, Master Trainer
Co-founder, Head of Personal Training & Master Trainer
Head of Marketing, Personal Trainer & HIIT Intructor
Head of Spin, Master Spin Instructor
Head of HIIT, Elite Personal Trainer & HIIT Instructor
Head of Sports Performance
Elite Personal Trainer & HIIT Instructor
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer & HIIT Instructor
Personal Trainer, HIIT & Spin Instructor
Personal Trainer, HIIT & Spin Instructor
Personal Trainer, HIIT & Spin Instructor
HIIT & Spin Instructor
Spin Instructor
Spin Instructor
Spin Instructor
Spin Instructor

A Welcoming Atmosphere and Superior Workout Experience

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