You’ve spoken. We’ve listened and learned.

With so many workout studio options on the market, we wanted to make sure that Cubic is going to be a step ahead of the rest, and we did this by listening to you.

  • Want more personalized group training?

    You’ve got it with Cubic. We have incorporated leading market technology and training methods in our group classes to add a personal touch for how you train and maximize results faster.

  • Not getting enough information or direction on which classes will help you achieve your goals?

    This won’t be an issue at Cubic. Our members are all provided with detailed information on the classes and recommendations on what they should do based on their goals and level of training experience.

  • Your targets are very specific and the classes in other studios are too general and do not meet your needs?

    We have created signature classes that center around achieving specific targets such as improving physique, strength, endurance, and agility.

  • Dislike PT classes in large, overcrowded commercial gyms, but love the machines they have there?

    Problem solved with Cubic. We have the latest key gym equipment that you will love in our PT area to help you achieve the results you are after and enjoy your training much more.

  • Looking for more detailed and frequent progress tracking?

    Cubic has adopted new technology systems and a leading body composition scanner, which enables us to not only help you track your progress, but also help identify the exact points you need to focus on and the best way to reach your goals.

  • Need help with diet and nutrition?

    Our coaches can provide guidance on diet and nutrition to ensure you see a difference in your training and your appearance faster.

  • Dealing with injury or pain from training that keeps you from coming back to the gym?

    We have in-house physiotherapists who will help get you back on your feet faster. Therapy is a core foundation of our philosophy; we believe it not only helps recovery, but also supports muscle growth.