What makes your gym different?

We pride ourselves on being the experts in Body Recomposition Training. This new method helps you to lose fat and build muscle. We combine multiple class styles to help you improve every aspect of your body. Also, we are the first gym that created a personalized group training experience.

I am new to exercise. Will I be okay?

Yes. Our trainers specialize in helping customers with various fitness levels. We are ready to train everyone from complete beginners to experienced athletes.

How do you track my progress?

We offer an open monthly assessment with our coaches to analyze your body status and find the best strategy. Using the newest technology on the market, we tell you a number of useful metrics, including your fat percentage, muscle amount, posture information, and how to keep getting better.

Can I try your classes?

We offer a trial class that you can use to come and check us out. Simply book the class and join in. No strings attached.

I am going on holidays. Can I pause my membership?

Yes. We offer a “freezing policy” for all the people that travel overseas, up to 7 days. Simply contact the staff and we will set it up for you.

I have been sick and my membership ran out. Can I get an extension?

Yes. You just need to contact the staff and submit the information required.

Do you have showers? And lockers?

Yes, and yes. We also provide shower towels for members.

Do I need to book a class before I attend?

We strongly advise you to book a class in advance to guarantee your place.

Can I invite my friends?

Sure thing! In fact, we will reward you both if you do so!

What should I do if I have an injury or health problem? Can I still train?

Always tell the staff about your condition so they can make sure you are fine. Also, always seek medical advice before joining the gym.